Japanese murder by American former Marine Corps

Japanese murder by American former Marine Corps

Women during walking has been targeted

Violence, stab with a knife, tighten the neck, throw away the corpse

20-year-old woman has just been living with her boyfriend was killed

About 74 percent of the US forces in Japan facilities are concentrated in Okinawa Prefecture

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"Move rather became women was discarded in wooded area."

In 20-year-old woman who went missing in Okinawa Prefecture Uruma it has been found dead incident, a man of arrested former US soldier, talk or strangled the woman, hit or, and perhaps you have or stabbed, it has been found in new admits the killing.

Was arrested on suspicion of abandonment of a corpse US military Shinzato-Kenefu Franklin suspect of civilian employees (32), is currently in the United States Army of former soldiers are working in Kadena (Kadena) base, of his wife and 3 children that lived near the home of his wife in person.

Although Shinzato suspects for examining admits suspect as "abandoned work No Longer women in wooded area", further, or tighten the neck of Rina Shimabukuro's, hit or, a story to the effect that was or stabbed, that you are also observed for the murder was found in a subsequent interview to the police.

In addition, police were examined in response to any submission of a car from Shinzato suspect, found blood stains from the car, it was found to also new that the DNA types were consistent with those of Mr. Shimabukuro. Police carried out 20 days, Shimabukuro's autopsy, along with the advance to clarify the cause of death, have promoted the murder suspect also investigation in the field of view.

Rina Shimabukuro's history up to the corpse discovery of

In the incident that Okinawa Prefecture Rina Shimabukuro of Uruma (20) had gone missing, the police 19 days, Shinzato-Kenefu Franklin suspect (32) was arrested in the corpse abandonment charges.

Finally, position information of Shimabukuro's mobile phone's has been confirmed, was approximately 1 km away from the region from home.
"According to the police, the last record of Shimabukuro's mobile phone has been confirmed is this region. Factory in many areas, pedestrian traffic is also virtually no car street at night."

When the police examine the record of passing vehicles around, at that time, I Franklin suspect had been allowed to run the car emerged.

In addition, the car, was also caught at a convenience store of Kin Town away approximately 12 kilometers from the home of Shimabukuro's. Nearby there is a US military Camp Hansen, the Kadena base that Franklin suspects worked is the direction of true reverse.

The police, seeing and was involved in the disappearance of Shimabukuro's, was listening to the circumstances in any from Franklin suspect. As a result, the statement as expected, Shimabukuro's body was found in the forest of Onna.

Shinzato - It is Kenefu Franklin suspect testimony, but, with regard to the abandonment of a corpse, is that is testimony to the "work that no longer have had women was discarded in wooded area." That is the place, but that was in the wooded area that contains 10 meters from the prefectural road.

In the wooded area of ​​Okinawa Prefecture Onna, leaving the company employees, Rina Shimabukuro's body of Uruma, abandoned the suspicion has been no. Corpse is that are skeletonized.

By that there was a tooth type that matches the Shimabukuro's body, is that has been confirmed with Rina Shimabukuro's body. In Uruma police station, it is that the murder, and the investigation headquarters of the abandonment of a corpse has been installed.

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